03 July 2008

Musings on The Edge of Love

Admittedly I was largely looking for an evening out (childless) and to 'escape' a bit. 
Am also a Dylan Thomas fan so it all lined up and seemed like a splendid thing to do. WARNING if you like Dylan Thomas at all I would recommend NOT seeing this film. Having seen it,  I now feel like I will not be able to hear his poetry or stories quite in the same way. 
I thought the cinematography was superb but am good and tired of Kiera Knightly (surely there must be some other talented English actresses out there that could have done as good a job). 
Surprisingly I thought Sienna Miller gave a very believable picture of Caitlin, his wife... to be honest I didn't really believe that she could act before this. A little over the top in terms of women 'running around in their knickers' as Adrian put it... all in all I would give it 7 out of 10 stars. The Edge of Love.

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