10 August 2008

Life in Malta started with a bang, our middle child came down with the stomach flu and chicken pox within hours of leaving the UK (her tell tale signs didn't come till the morning after we arrived). Over the course of our first three and half weeks here all three children have broken out in spots. Not ideal in upper 90's weather and foolish parental promises of trips to the beach as soon as we arrive. After consulting a doctor here we were instructed to keep the children inside for a minimum of two weeks... no easy feat. Boredom, antsiness and television watching abound much to A and I's frustration. With one week to use before the big 'SHUT DOWN' (when most of Malta closes and leaves on vacation) we have had a lot of running around to do- last essentials for the house so we can move in. Visitors from Madison/Seattle coming this week!

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