15 January 2009

Fits and Dizzy Spells

is the name of a delightful little song I heard this morning while enjoying my walk through the fog to University....( did I mention I love podcasts) - this I heard while listening to an interview with Andrew Bird from an NPR show called All Songs Considered. Guess the only way to hear the song is from  here (the album is coming out on Jan. 20th and is called Noble Beast).
Of note this week is the discovery that here in Malta if you are sick, your employer commonly has a ín house doctor' which then makes a house call to verify if you are really sick.... isn't that crazy?! My sister in law was home sick on Monday and within a few hours he came to check.

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  1. I love The Fits and Dizzy Spells, especially the whistling. It's always stuck in my head.


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