28 March 2009

Fennel Salad

My other half ( the one with Mediterranean blood), got inspired lately and made a fantastic Saturday lunch (fresh sea bream from the local Sunday fish market)  roasted potatoes and my favourite bit- the salad. Not being so keen on Fennel in the past I was surprised how much I loved this taste-of-summer salad, a simple fennel, fresh mint and orange salad. 

Fennel, mint and orange salad
half a bulb of Fennel, sliced and cooked till tender in boiling water(3-5 min) , fresh chopped mint (7-10 leaves), one orange peeled and cut into bite size pieces, (separately mix lemon juice, olive oil, little white vinegar, salt and pepper in a jar) toss with remaining ingredients shortly before serving.  

My son came to tell me he made a picture of he and his sisters... bit alien like, I believe the square headed one is himself.  
Because I just have so much time on my hands...(not at all)  but I can't keep away from that 2 am work time- I decided to make a social studies blog for my students-complete with links (exploding volcanoes, Hindu dances etc.).  So if you have any interest in The Second World War, Tourism and the Environment, Ancient India or Globalization give it a look - (one more week of teaching practice to go) will miss my students and the school.   

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