20 March 2009

Thank you St. Joseph

It was St. Joseph's day on Thursday so we all had off from school, which meant picnic in the park for my lot.   We went to a place I had never been before, Mistra Bay. The flowers were all blooming  and the sky was clear, an idylic day. A break amid the rush around of the usual week. Thank god for lovely moments when you do stop and take the time to sit in the sunshine and be happy for exactly where you are and who your with. 


  1. That looks absolutely fabulous. How great can life be, he? Hopefully you do have some time for yourself these days to sit and relaxed more often.
    Give my love to the family, see you around!
    Love Guusje

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm in awe that you are surrounded by natural beauty like that on a daily basis. Here it is all mud, gritty sand and rain - but it is in service to a lovely spring-to-be, I am sure.


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