12 July 2009


Immersed in Madison life, from camping to french music festivals and art fairs on the square we are having full days in Wisconsin and loving it.

I can't help but share a recently recieved gift - a cook book... one I never heard of called Spice, Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean. My sister made a tasty meal for us entirely from this cook book the other night. Some unique combination that I am keen to recreate soon. The author of the cook book owns a restaurant called Oleana in Boston which I have been hearing grand reviews of for years. On our next visit to the states perhaps.

On the theme of cook books and good food I feel compelled to share my delight in the lovely ambiance of a restraunt near by (Madison East side) called Sardines (featured in the pictures above) we had brunch this morning there out on the back patio overlooking the water. A nice Scandinavian feel to the place. How I miss brunches! They are non existent in Malta!

Lastly we had the double pleasure of A. a night out kid-less and B. getting to see a group from Cape Verde at the local French music festival (free) ...the main singer Lura was really good! Really an excellent performance. Do check her out here if you have a few minutes Lura.

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