16 August 2009

At last

On a random Friday afternoon walk , just the wish-he-were-a-pilot T. and little destructo and myself, down past the old city arch to Birgu to play in the lovely outdated (nice old school metal and wooden playground). On our way we passed the old truck I have been admiring whenever spotting, in the year since we arrived in Malta. The sunrise truck! Had the chance (as I was on foot and in no particular hurry)so took a few pics to share.

I do love the way that people here personalise their vehicles, trucks and buses in particular can be covered in small details. In fact a few months ago I nearly got run over by a huge cement truck (nicely painted blue and red) the drivers apparently not seeing the zebra crossing and myself till the last possible moment, so suddenly I found myself nose to nose with the front fender (yes tall truck) in which in bright yellow paint, were the words in search of gold. Really made me laugh, the possibility that those words could have been my last sight on earth.

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