11 September 2009


In my tastes anyway, much like the experience of growing to like (love actually) Geit Ost (the brown goatcheese) while living in Norway. I have come to love some Maltese specialities, like Kinnie (the national soft drink) and pickled onions, todays lunch was one of my recent favourites, fresh local bigilla (bought at the market this morning) served on today's bread, parsley and tomatoes. Bigilla is a broad bean spread usually made with Garlic and any combination of spices, no two seem to taste the same.

(One my favourite streets on the walk to the market)
By the way, kids have given the thumbs up on the blue doors and so has A, so I suppose we will stick with it. Funny, now the picture in our kitchen (red and blue print of Obama) is like the cross over from the outside to the inside.
Apologies to your eyes, we seem to have endless red surfaces, this was taken as I joined the kids on their kid table for a picnic lunch. Just realised it too is turquoise and red!


  1. There is nothing like walking through and old town's narrow streets and alley ways. I can never stop watching and admiring these old houses. Can't wait to find my one ;)

  2. I totally agree, it's a shame they don't give more government incentives for people who are willing to put the time into fixing them up. Sad to see so many being demolished for apartment buildings! It's such a pleasure especially on warm evenings to walk through these parts of villages, with people siting outside enjoying the breeze.

  3. Where is this lovely alley??

  4. This alley is in Birkirkara, not far from the main church, my inlaws live in Birkirkara and it's where I seem to spend half my time. There are some lovely small streets there, I love walking at night there, we sometimes walk to Balzan or Attard.


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