13 December 2009

Christmas Baking

Christmas cookies, chocolate dipped brandy soaked figs and St. Lucia Rolls
Mulled wine with local oranges and christmas spices
Friends candles small sweet gifts
late night tea side talks
There are so many rich comforting moments to be had at this season

I remember in Norway there was a word kose sig (am completely misspelling it) but the idea behind the word was to 'cosy yourself'  and that is just what I love about this time of year.
* (email me if you want any recipes for the above sweets or a very good recipe for Mulled wine).


  1. I just came across your blog and am excited to keep up with your family. I would love your recipe for mulled wine and chocolate dipped figs. Thanks.

  2. OOH I can almost smell your cooking!!! Why don't you post the recipes in your blog - they look too good not to be shared:)

  3. Looks delicious! Would love the recipes.

  4. Wow, everything looks delicious!!!

  5. Washmom,
    I can't seem to find your email so will include the dipped figs and mulled wine recipes in the next post!

    Zen: I will post them, often it's late at night when I write a post or quickly in the morning between errands and kid crises so I don't manage sitting down long enough to write 2-3 recipes. Never too sure if folks like recipes or if it comes off as presumptuous. But I love sharing recipes so will try and make the effort.

    Thanks Jesse and Mary!

  6. Oh, I remember those, they are delicious.


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