26 December 2009

Time to get ready for the new year

Am rather liking this calendar found here on etsy. July and October have me. September too for that matter.


  1. This morning, free from all family X-massy thing, in peace and harmony, I gave the children their gifts from you. They absolutely loved it! I told them elephants bring luck to this world, so they can tell the elephant their worries and he will make them go away. They like that idea and Kiefer told me he would take him to bed with him.
    Then i said: 'Juniper made them herself.'
    K: 'Ohhhhh, Is he allowed on the sewing machine from his mum????'

    Big kiss, you are a star!
    The dress of the bunny, my dear, I'm inspired! I will have to take a sewing class.

    Thank you dearest.

    I will photograph them tonight, we have to get to my sister's birthday now. Tomorrow X-mas with my in-laws (they just arrived home from their second house in Thailand). Busy schedule! xxg

    PS. Post is on the way!

  2. Gorgeous Calendar!! I love January, July and November....

    Must stay away from Etsy till the Christmas money comes in

    C x

  3. it's so bright and modern! cool beans bernard.


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