29 December 2009

Time to write

I think something inside me is calling out to write some letters, a lost forgotten art these days when emails and skyping and face book comments take but a minute or two. Letter and cards are different though, they can be savoured later, whereas who really goes back and rereads an email from a year or years ago.
I came across this shop today (Screech owl) and ohhh there is nothing like fun stationary.


  1. You are so right. Letters are some of my most valued possessions. Getting a letter these days is such a nice surprise. I am also a sucker for stationary. But I tend to accumulate it and never write nearly as much as I would like. Need to make more time for that this new year.

  2. It's very true......emails have taken over. I LOVE stationery and always, always end up buying something I do not need from the stationery shop, especially if its nice paper!!

  3. oh! i love paper, stationary all these things... and i still write letters when i can. and enjoy so so much receiving anything via "snail" mail (other than amazon.com!). thanks for your visit and lovely comment. kenza.

  4. I see there are many others with a pension for stationary treats!
    Am off to invest in a proper address book, perhaps this too will help, I seem to have too many friend's old and new addresses in all kinds of places!

  5. For me it is an old habit to write Christmas Cards, and I know many friends who are always looking foreward to having some real mail in the postbox, especially others than bills...

    Stationary shops have something about them - we too always end up buying something there, I'm curious wether our kids will still have the same urge or if they will just hit the keypad?

    In Germany we say "Have a good slide into the new year" which means of course "Happy New Year to you and your family".

  6. I wish I had the time to send letters but I don't even find time to read e-mails sometimes let alone to write letters.

    Best wishes for the coming year!

  7. What is it about roosters! Love these cards, dear. Writing is nice and receiving a letter even better. Nothing beats re-reading old letters with a cup of something hot and a quiet moment.


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