11 January 2010


Mush is what perhaps my mind has turned into with days of being home bound and requested (repeatedly and with great earnest by little D) to sit and watch things like Diego or as she says  DIIIIIIIIIIIIEGO!!!

The best though is this show that has totally perplexed me since first coming across it's path, it is called Yoho Ahoy and it's a small show maybe 10 min at it's longest and takes place on a pirate ship, everything is made of fabric and the only thing ever said is 'yo ho ... ahoy' and yet there are a set of five or six characters and different little adventures/events on the boat each time. Throughout the whole story they just change and vary the way they say 'yo ho - ahoy'... someone MUST have been on some kind of drug to invent this one... very bizarre... or genius. If you want to see here is a clip from youtube YO HO AHOY.

On a happier note relating to mush or rather oatmeal/porridge, (I admittedly am a big fan) and in the winter months it graces our breakfast table at least once a week. What with the afterglow of the sugar from christmas I decided to try out making  a fruit compote to replace the sugar (as suggested by a fine British friend), why hadn't I though of doing this before?! So have been trying different mixes, plum cooked down with apple (very tasty), apple and apricot as shown above was good too- tart and tangy , want to try an apple and pear one next - think I may be a convert. Also the leftover fruit compote is great with crepes on the weekends.
Still sick here, stuck at home coughing and coughing - yo ho ahoy.


  1. yo ho ahoy! this is nuts! will it turn brains into mush? anyway... i hope the coughing is subsiding a bit. enjoy the compote! what a lovely idea! kenza.

  2. The compote is a great idea..although I have to admit that I hate porridge! My Grandad loved it and I have traumatic memories of having it with sugar, salt, fruit, syrup, cream, milk...and there are probably a few others that I can't recall...when I was a kid. bleurgh (It probably didn't help that he told me it would put hairs on my chest!!)

    Hope your on the mend

    C x

  3. Your "mush" looks lovely. I like the idea of fresh fruit compotes.

  4. Our children eat good old porridge almost every day. Cooked with milk, sweetened with Agave or Maple syrup. They love it! I like granola& (crunchy) muesli and oat cookies from Joy of Baking .com. I'm a big oat fan, just like you.

    Get well soon!

    Yo ho will be checked out later.

    Big oatie kissssssss

  5. Ah yes- oatmeal raison cookies are one of my favourites and again something I have forgotten to make for years. Thank you for reminding me! yo ho!
    BTW not sure if I could handle washing up the an oatmeal pot (and the table top aftermath) every morning- your a strong woman Guusje.

  6. Happy New Year Juniper :) I have often seen your name, your face, on other blogs, and now here I am! I am looking forward to joining your life in Malta throgh your blog - I love the fabulous header photograph - extraordinary colour! And the painting of leaves on the right - is that yours?

  7. Thank you and welcome Shaista, the leaves picture is a photograph I took in September, wish I knew the English name for the tree, I love the arc of of it's leaves. Really enjoy your writing, flattered that you stopped by.


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