02 May 2010

Of Dogs and Donkeys

What did this weekend's Saturday picnic bring us but a chance encounter with some Maltese donkeys, and what sweet curious ones they were! 
(You can see already that little D is making a worried run for mama), this came with a screetching DON'T EAT ME! plea to the donkeys. Funny because we calmed D down and explained donkeys don't eat people (which then embolded the older two kids to go nearer) just in time for the curious darker donkey too take a good nibble/lick of my husband's toes.  This did not help Stella's fear.  
Shortly before this meeting with the asses, three very fox like dogs came upon us, all very friendly and  curious, smiling in the noon day sun with slit eyes. They then followed us to where we met the grazing donkeys.
In the end we had three dogs and two donkeys following us, which was slightly terrfying to little D and kind of thrilling to the older two children, who soon adopted a we-want-a-pet-dog (or pony ) chant for the rest of the trip home. 

 The moment post bite and one of the said Dogs


  1. Sweet!! I love the pictures and that sea looks so inviting. Our Saturday was a little different this weekend, my son's football nursery had a funday down by the sea , with races for the children , coaches and parents too. It was a fun morning. Andy won three out of the five races from his age. (I posted some photos over at my blog). Take care and hope to meet up soon for a coffee ;)

  2. I love donkets. They are so cute. I find them quite charming.

  3. This is pure beauty, your words, your children,the donkeys, the dogs, and what a stunning landscape! Happy week:)

  4. One of my fondest memories was sitting in my friends house gazing out the window of her living room to see a donkey running past...closely followed by one of my Mum's best friends....about five minutes later the donkey went running past in the opposite direction....yep closley followed by my Mum's, now very red faced, friend!! We laughted supportively!!

    C x

  5. I understand your little ones. Ours are afraid of nearly every animal. Unless it's not making unexpected noise, coming too close it seems to be OK (somedays).

    So I think your three guys were rather heroes to get this close to the donkeys...

  6. too funny. this has the makings of a great adventure story. where the animals become the heroes of course. beautiful light!

  7. oh! this is precious and the kids! the donkeys look so happy... a rare reality in this world where so often they are mistreated as beasts of burden. This is nice for a change.

  8. Glad you all enjoyed our little donkey adventure, must say they seemed very tame, and quite up for a little adventure! Dogs too!!

  9. A day of magnificent scenery and sweet animals...and wow, such a beautiful corner of earth too :^)

  10. I love the first shot!!!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful post,thanks dear! :)
    p.s.about the name of that sculpture, so sorry I don't remember.I'm happy you like them! :)

  11. Yes, that first photo is fantastic. Is A taking a protective stance? It seems he is communicating with that donkey...

    I know what you mean about the unexepcted being both scary and thrilling for the young ones. We had a run in with some wild turkeys that caused the same churning of emotions for all our girls.


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