10 June 2010

When life gets ahead

Pardon the silence....am franticly catching up and finally finding my breath again. Very busy last two weeks, funny how sometimes things all happen at once! Did not manage to make this week's Cornerview, shame (bliss- what a good idea click here for what some others came up with).  I have been wanting to draw your attention to this
Click here for more details. Still putting together my collection for the market. 
Will post about it as soon as I finish.  Drop a line and join if you like! 
Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday to you, hope everything is good and you are OK!

    XX Nina

  2. What a sweet and gentle post! I hope things calm down but you sound happy so that is the main point. Bliss! right? Have a lovely Friday and week end!

  3. Such a good idea! ...and take your time too, we'll be around :^)

    Happy weekend Juniper!

  4. Oh! I feel the same! Glad you are thinking of jumping into the barter. It's such fun stuff.

  5. Hi, this sounds fun and exciting too. I would like to join with my hand made crochet bags.

    p.s. I've just seen the video clip on the times showing Patches!!! I'm so sad I've missed this.....was there a change in the dates?? I still would like to purchase a Roo for my little one :)


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