29 July 2010

Friday already?!

 Ode to Jumble sales

jumble sale, garage sale, car boot sale ,flea market.. call it what you like..I'm a fan. 
It's like treasure hunting.

 I heard this little piece this week and thought  of ways I could hop over to London... I just love the idea of combining jumble sales and an afternoon out.
 There is no chance of finding anything close to it here. 

click on link to hear the radio clip.

Bit of local flea market bounty. 
(Every time I catch a glimpse of the blue pitcher it makes me smile.. )
The boy child of mine digs his new tin plane. old wind up toys never run out of batteries.  


  1. I love bargain hunting...not been for ages...must rectify that sometime soon :-)

    C x

  2. Oh!! That radio clip makes me want to go to Londom :)....... I wish something like these team jumble sales would become popular here on our little island full of treasures and un used stuff thar coul be sold !

  3. Just love the bleu pitcher (and the photo is beautiful) and the plane. Wonderful finds! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. What great finds. I love the blue pitcher. I'm hoping to find some good deals this Saturday :)

  5. Thanks ! beautiful blog ! :-))))))

  6. I always smile when I visit you. You did find some treasures.

  7. I've got a craving for flea markets myself though haven't had the time (as you know ;) soon...

    Love that beautiful blue pitcher TOO!

  8. I excitedly clicked on your post hoping you had found a flea market or something similar here. No such luck I suppose :( I will let you know if I come across anything remotely interesting.

  9. Hi Loree,
    There are at least two flea markets I know of here, the one just outside of Birgu (where the blue pitcher and plane in the photo are from) and the one every Sunday outside of Razzett tal Habiberia.
    I am guessing there are some on Gozo as well?


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