19 September 2010

New York moments

Nearly forgot, I had the good luck the last few days of my trip to the States to be with my brother and sisters in Brooklyn, and I must say I am a converted woman, if I could live in Brooklyn I would not mind living in NYC in fact I would probably love it. There were great little shops, restaurants, parks, farmers markets and flea markets .  A vibrant truly international feel and very family friendly.

Flea market- trendy as ever and with some great food...notably the home made fruit sodas-loved the plum, ginger cinnamon combo

Local six point star beer at The Farm bar-
The brewer happens to be a friend of my brother's with Wisconsin ties so we learned some of the secretes,
Walked past an evening jazz concert just starting...

local streets

You betcha- I had brunch!
It is something I really miss, there is nowhere here in Malta that serves brunch as far as I am aware.
So I fully enjoyed eating at this little restaurant,  the plum crepes were calling my name, so too the rhubarb muffins! Yummmm

Off to a new week, hope yours is starting off well!


  1. Oh lovely! the menu... a dream! And how nice to have been with your family despite the circumstances. Many kisses and have a lovely week! Good luck with it all.

  2. Oh... i love the street pictures, those houses look very pretty.

    ECDL exam for me this morning,

    take care :))

  3. So glad that you had time with all of your family and that you kept your camera busy, too!

    Yes, it is a new week and much to do -- Hope yours is great, Juniper.

  4. my daughter just moved to nyc, so i echo your feelings about how great it would be to live there - always something to do.

    great fotos of a fabulous place!

  5. It looks like your trip to the States was a good one, even with the circumstances. It's nice to be around our families and have some good times even in the bad. Your photos are lovely, as always. Glad you made it back home safely.

  6. I have to say I enjoy NYC SO much more now that I'm a visitor than when I lived there. It isn't easy to live in such small spaces, and I think that's part of it. But also I am a different person now. Either way, I love our annual visits and it gives me such pleasure now.

  7. Looks fascinating! And lovely brunch! So good that you're having some fun as well.

  8. Ahhh.... I suppose Brooklyn for a French woman like me is a bit like Paris for an American... a dream of sweet and beauty and trendy and parks, and mixed cultures, and ......

    next time we go together!

  9. Great pictures! Have a nice time!

  10. I've never been to New York. Brooklyn would be my choice. I've done some research and I think I would love it there too.

    Beautiful photos!


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