28 September 2010

Thorny start

Hello and thank you for all the great comments as regards the banner! 
My personal choice was two - {morning light in Valletta} but perhaps having the family up there is not a bad thing. The photo for this banner was taken two weeks ago at a picnic in Salina Park near Qawra, under the Eucalyptus trees and next to a modern rendition of a typical Maltese hunting hut 
{which you still come across often}. 

The photo in this post was taken last weekend, autumn in Malta actually means only a few things are brown. Mostly the island is waking up after a long dusty brown toned summer,  the heavy humid heat is almost subsiding and the rains have begun. The plants are happy and turning to a lush green again. 

Thorny because we all started school this week, child 1, 2, 3,  and myself teaching- bit bumpy at the start [photo copiers jamming just before class, wrong room key, projector cable not matching etc., meeting some 200 students and attempting to learn all their names}
I suppose settling into a new routine is never very smooth. 

Hope your week is going by with less sharp edges, 
* Am afraid no Cornerview today ,  I just could not manage it this week. 


  1. I like your new banner, even though I also voted for the second photo, but I'm still a happy reader of your blog.

    Yikes, 200 students?! it will take time,I'm sure. that's a lot to manage. If you don't mind me asking (as I'm a new follower of yours) what do you teach?
    Umm my week is not as busy, only croatian lessons which I attend twice a week, (it's the studying that finds me at edge, it's a difficult language to master.)
    It takes patience and lots of hours of studying.

    Hope your week gets better with less thorns along the way.

  2. Chin up! I just gave an orientation session to a new lot of students, technical faults, dodgy projectors, falling behind schedule and reorganising the programme of another 3 info sessions happening concurrently.... I totally feel you pain... but things will settle, moods improve and routines established. We just have to survive that far to see it all fall into place!:)

  3. Juniper, your banner is a bit of you and your surroundings. I had a difficult time making a choice and know that any of them would have been great.

    Best wishes as you start the busy school year. Three children and you are teaching too. Don't let life overwhelm you and take some time to reflect by yourself. Great advice, but it will be a challenge to find those minutes each day.

    Thinking of you,

  4. Croatian _Latina,
    Thank you for the comments, I decided to do a Post Graduate Course in teaching when I moved to Malta just over two years ago {focusing on Social Studies} but have ended up finding a job teaching history this year so its all pretty new{Maltese history being the first}, teaching and being back at work full time {I have been a stay at home mom for most of the last 5 years}.

    I was studying Maltese the first two years here and I really found it difficult! I understand a bit now but am pretty rubbiish at speaking it. Hope your Croation classes are going well!

  5. Thank you Anna, I really appreciate your words, and hope your week is getting smoother as well!

  6. Thanks Genie, am taking those 5 min to myself right now {just me, a cup of coffee and a kitten laying on the keyboard}. It is going to be a challenge to find little moments of calm time every day.
    Hope your having a good week!

  7. Love the new banner.
    I didnt get a chance to vote,however I dont see how you could have gone wrong with any of them.
    Sounds very hectic!
    200 hundred kids,holy cow!
    Best of Luck and may you continue to find 5 minutes to yourself with a kitty and a cup of coffee:)

  8. Have a better rest of the week and once you all have adjusted it will be better!

    I like the banner very much, it is so fresh and green and the family on it is sweet..

  9. Good luck with teaching. Both my parents were teachers but it's just not in my blood. I am sure things will work out - beginnings are always a bit thorny.

  10. I'm late for the banner... but I can say it is beautiful! So are these flowers...
    Bon courage and read you soon!

  11. Hello. Thanks for leaving me a nice comment on my blog. I am enjoying looking through your past posts....and I like your banner here. What an interesting and very appealing life you are leading. I will be back. Have a nice day.

  12. Wow! Your teaching job sounds very challenging. Good for you! Your banner choices are all beautiful. You are a wonderful photographer.

  13. Hello! Love the banner! Great choice!
    Big kisses and good luck from Geneva. I am sure all will be fine!


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