13 December 2010


This weekend there have been a few of the good sort, like this gift from Portugal. 
S. you know me well- nice soap!!! 

a little something for someone else (love the picture and the tea) 
what a better thing to do then pass it on.

and then came the surprise that my gang- (the Mr. and child A.B. and C.) 
did indeed land in the windy city but with them arrived a major blizzard so they are stuck 
and I feel 100,000 miles away.  You see I needed to stay and teach so they all went first. 
I miss them already and am counting the hours till I can call and hear their little voices 
(and tales of the wind and snow and hotel room details)! 
(these two snow photos were not taken by me)

From sunny 14 degree (Celsius) Malta wishing you all a good start to the week and oh!!! 
Happy Santa Lucia Day! 


  1. Oh, we're all right... Central heating works here.

    The Mr, A, B and C... (I dowan deeees. is too small!)

  2. Glad you shared your gifts with us - I am into beautiful packaging and those certainly are.

    Happy week Juniper. Enjoy the warmth while you can :^)

  3. Beautiful gifts! (I love soaps as well). Oh and you are all alone... Take good care. I hope you can chat with them very soon. Many kisses.

  4. I love soaps too. Hope you get to see your loved ones soon. I can imagine how much you are missing them.

  5. he he!! Thank you so much to pass it on us!

  6. Sooooo nice design,beautiful gifts!!!!!!!
    I wish you and your family the best :)
    Wow,dose the snow so strong as in the pics!!!!!
    Take care my friend

    P.S.Yes,I'm working on a book & some post cards for publisher,I hope they published in 2011.
    ( Although that bird is just a etude for myself).Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

  7. Ohhh, so there will be WinterWonderland in Chicago this year? And you'll fly on your own - wow, you can watch movies, sleep and take care of yourself... and your Mr. managed a long distance flight with all the three little ones? Wow!

    Take good care and only do as much as you can and want and then enjoy the season and relax and take your time with a good book and a cup of tea!


  8. That soap looks luscious...and oh, my all that snow! Seems like everywhere in the world has snow but us right now. Well, it's snowing in the mountains (or so I hear) but down here on the high plains, NOTHING!

  9. My brothers live in Chicago. And we have a friend who was recently stuck there and trying to get home, but now he is home, it all worked out. Hope you get to talk with your family soon. Come by my blog, I am doing a giveaway :)

  10. Wow! That snow is much worse than we saw last week during our visit to Paris... brrr! Glad that your little family arrived safely and hope that your journey will be easy to join them!


  11. xxxxxxxxxxxx
    wish you a safe journey!!!

  12. Hope you get to see your family very soon. This weather is causing havoc everywhere! Hope you have a lovely Christmas.


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