28 March 2011


Almond blossoms and green hillsides
spring is in the air


  1. Yes! Here too... it is a magical time of year for sure... Enjoy the Maltese spring for us Juniper :^)

  2. Happy Spring! Yes, spring is in the air here, too. I hope you guys have been having the same sunny weather we have been basking in each day. Beautiful pics!

  3. Spring comes and goes here lately. It's gone right now :) It's supposed to be very nice this weekend...I hope!

  4. This is precious! Happy Spring!

  5. welcome back! hope you're feeling better for good! i realize i haven't been here for awhile either. what a picturesque place you live! loved the wedding and carnival photos - that littlest girl in the black and white dress!

    it's looks like a beautiful spring too.


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