19 April 2011

Speaking of sisters

One of my two sisters is here visiting Malta, I have been enjoying the chance to share this world of ours here with her. The first of my four siblings to make it over to the island!


  1. That looks so.... strange!
    You look a lot alike,
    jupe the second!!!!
    Especially the way your sister smiles...

    Beautiful couple you two!!!!
    you look gorgeous together

  2. oh juniper, enjoy your time with your sister! xoxo

  3. I wish I was your sister I would be there in a heartbeat. So beautiful!

  4. Another page of loving, lovely sisters. Can see the ease and happiness between you.

  5. You really look alike! I was not sure which one of you was YOU. Enjoy this lovely time with your sister.

  6. Cherish the moments! Beautiful photo of the two of you, well you two are beautiful I should say. Kisses to all!

  7. oh that's wonderful. I'm sure time is going by too fast for you too. you look so much alike!
    What beautiful photos.

  8. You girls are adorable. How special. I am sure you are enjoying!! There is nothing like a sister!


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