24 May 2011

Finding peace

an old church yard
scattered with gnarled old olive trees
here is the sense of calm I have been craving
drinking in the sight
sweet secret corners of Lija 
starting to see the light.. only some weeks left
till then it's busy hectic days... last weeks of school term for the children and myself 
Hope your start to this new week has been 
blessed with tiny moments of peace too.

hallways of an old Maltese villa... 
calming colours no?


  1. Beautiful post. Those aged olive trees are stunningly beautiful. The colours are so soft and rich in the home featured. Thank you for your blessing and wishing you a blessed week also

  2. Beautiful! What a peaceful and lovely place. Thank you...

  3. Lovely poem. I always crave for peaceful moments too, that's weekend for me, away from work. That photo you used speaks a lot about peace. :)


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