12 June 2011

Summer breezes

New shells to collect, sand castles to make and ice creams to think up.
We are in the last tipping point of juggling before lazy slow days of summer truly can begin.
Finding it difficult to muster my usually energy.
*   *
(We are slipping off to the beach whenever we can lately. days are hot even if the sea is still rather chilly)
My dear middle child, hair chopped off for the summer, 
already busy at her usual sea shell collecting. 


  1. Oh to live near a beach.

  2. I love your blog, especially your photos. My husband spent a few months in Malta when he was just nineteen. We both enjoy looking at Malta through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. YOur daughter is so beautiful and wild with her summer hair at the beach!

  4. Juniper
    Hope your energy is restored and that you have a relaxing summer. I love middle child's haircut. She looks so enthusiastic. Beautiful post as usual,thanks


  5. Beautiful! And she is growing so fast! Oh my oh my! Have a lovely time at the beach! (I hope the end of the school year is going well!) Many kisses.

  6. Malta is incredibly beautiful, and your little one is just as magnificent.

    I hope that regain your energy once you really enter summer. Just take your time...


  7. While I have a pool, I wish we lived closer to the beach. It provides infinate more entertainment for my exploring children. Happy Summer!

  8. Adorable and she's got a nice little collection there:) Ah... Yes... Lazy summer days. I'm ready!
    Big hugs!


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