29 September 2011

Slipping off to Seville

I was very lucky 
(this time round) 
my husband invited me along 
to a conference he was attending in Spain. 
My in-laws were willing to look after the smalls, so it was five days of bliss, 
long walks, late uninterrupted dinners, museums, cafes, concerts and talks. 
Almost like the days of traveling pre-children, only now we appreciate these romantic moments alone 
so much more. 
Of course we missed the children, but they were in good hands and had a lovely time 
with their grandparents (whom they had missed after our time in the states). 
It will probably will be some years till we get the chance again..so I am glad we went.

It was my first time to Seville (and Malaga) and I loved it!
* * *
a few photos from our trip 


  1. Oh what wonderful photos! So happy you could make this little romantic and much appreciated trip. And you look wonderful with the little candy growing inside of you! Many kisses to all from us all.

  2. Lucky girl! Glad you had this wonderful opportunity :)

  3. Oh this is essential! So delighted for you. Yes, we try to do this once a year, and it really is something we cherish!

    You look blooming and beautiful!

  4. This sounds like a great getaway! Last year you've been to Munich, right? Or was it two years ago? Time flies...

    The photos are great and look at you, holding your belly - what a sweet moment has been captured.

    Big hugs to you


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