12 October 2011


Thank you to the sweet friend who gave me some pomegranates from her garden yesterday, 
besotted with their rosy understated beauty I could not help but try to capture it in a photo. 
Later this week I will be making one of my favourite salads of the season 


  1. Oh lovely! It is in season here as well. "Rummien" I guess the word in Maltese. It is "Ruman" in Arabic, meaning from "Rome" or more generally the "west".

  2. Pomegranates! We lived in South Texas for four years... The first spring in our house I had to ask around to figure out what our pomegranate tree was and we also had loquats. Loquats were fabulous, and pomegranates are too, but they never ripened before they were full of bugs...And I discovered they wouldn't ripen after being picked...


    You have beautiful photos on your blog! I enjoyed visiting you this evening.

  3. Does this pomegranate have a wine like taste to it? It looks like the variety that does. I have not seen one in person, only read about the variety.


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