24 October 2011


Trying my hand at making dolls, this is Esme part of a new series.  
Christmas Artisan Market on the horizon! 


  1. I was looking forward to see your first finished new doll and I am not disappointed! I love her happy smile, her hair cut and her dress! would want one like that for me! Prozet Juniper!

  2. Thank you Elise! Am enjoying the dress making- some coats and hats next!

  3. She is beautiful! Hope you are doing fine - the almond plum muffins look great, will try them sometime.


  4. Oh Yes! coats!Better you do them! I really have no time this year!I would have make them with pleasure but a mother made coat is always warmer than any other one!
    anyway tell me if you lack of warm fabric.


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