15 December 2011


More than two years ago we were given this book as a Christmas gift

This fall I finally felt like the children were big enough to appreciate it.
So bit by bit every evening we have been reading it. 

It is one of those books that is like a treasure.

and now... 
They have made it into a film! I take a breath in and hope that it is half as wonderful as the book.
This Christmas we are looking forward to watching it -  (trailer for Hugo here).


  1. It is one of our favorite contemporary family read-a-louds and just like you guys we are eager to see the movie (although I have to admit to also being a little nervous about seeing the film since it is hard to find movies made from books that are just as good).

    Actually right now Noah and I are reading his newest book "Wonderstruck" together. I finished it a couple of weeks and loved it so much that I am happy to re-read it! I think you will also enjoy it...lots of wonderful layers.

    Books like his really bring the magic of reading and the creative process to life, don't they? Happy Reading!

  2. Thank you Lucia, I am off to look up Wonderatruck now, maybe on the please -bring - with- you list for our next visitors from the States.

  3. This is an amazing book which I have read and now sits in my guest room for overnight friends. The artwork and creative approach is memorable.


  4. This is absolutely marvelous! The kind of book I love! And the movie must fabulous. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you are well.

  5. I've seen the trailer in Luxembourg this summer said to myself that this must be a good movie. Thank you so much for sharing xx

  6. What a coincidence! My book club just chose this book for our 2012 list. I'd never heard of it before ;)

  7. The illustrations look magical, I was awed by the trailer, it looks as if it will be good.

  8. Those drawings are just stunning!! I've not heard of the book (or the film) but will now be buying a copy.

    C x

  9. We went in the afternoon of Christmas Eve and it was fantastic!!


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