23 January 2013

(The park next to my parents house in Madison, Wisconsin)

And there were Christmas Markets and then Christmas travels across the big pond and new years and new jobs, new haircuts and new adventures that lay ahead. A certain small turned one....and... and... now it is time to get back to Capers and Olives, sorry to have been away for so long!

(The quiet back gardens of the president's palace, while we were at the orange festival last weekend)

A world away from the frozen midwest. As nice as it is to have all the green lushness and the flowering almond trees scenting the air, I do miss the snow.


  1. Madison must have been the ultimate place to grow up. So beautiful. Love the feeling... I'm moving to Madison!

    Can't to hear about all the new things coming up in your life. So glad you're back. xo

    1. Thank you Janis! It was a very nice place to grown up, full with rich seasons, bike paths and plenty of used bookstores! Some of these things I do miss here in Malta.

  2. Welcome Back! Both Malta and Madison looks lovely. The best part is finding the beauty in where we are, right? We are missing the snow like mad ourselves but are awfully happy to have the (relatively) warmer temperatures.

    1. So true, finding the beauty in where we are and who we surround ourselves with. Hope some snow finds you soon! Nothing like the magic of an evening walk amid the hushhhhhh of snow falling!


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