13 February 2013

Viva viva Karnival!

It is that time of year again, 
time for bright colours (bit heavy on the neon here), 
wings, cleavage, high heels, booming music, confetti, pralini 
and prinjolata (very sweet Carnival cake) ! 
Sadly the four day holiday weekend was largely overtaken by terrible weather- 
hail, pouring rain, huge dark clouds and lots of wind- 
was freeeezing! Apart from some hours on Monday- so out we went!! 
Sadly though I think many of the floats were damaged and the grand finale parade was cancelled. 

(photo from Nadur, Gozo) 
by Mario George Vella
care of 
where you can find out much more about the Carnival weekend and other events 
going on, on the island!


  1. How exciting, and yes, lots of color! The top left photo caught my interest because it looks like Indian (India) Gods or symbols, with a graphic of Africa too. All so interesting how cultures around the world celebrate carnaval. Thank you for sharing a slice of the Maltese version.

  2. Glad you got out to enjoy all of that fabulous festive-ness! Would love to have experienced that in Malta. What is Ash Wednesday like there?

    Hope you are all doing well. I have missed visiting this sweet space of yours and look forward to doing some serious catch-up!

  3. Sorry for the horrible weather! It has been miserable here in Atlanta! Hopefully, spring s around the corner with warmer weather!

  4. Janis : Yes that float seemed very Africa themed, but I didn't see the parade procession so am not sure how their dancers were dressed and what music went with it- usually each float has its own theme. Often connected to the year's top songs, films etc. The elephant on the float is a bit Ganesh like so I can see how it made you think of India.


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