04 April 2013

Just looking

well and dreaming... 
but realistically it is not so long now till we out grow our present house. So lately I find myself peeking in at for sale listings probably more often than I should. We still have the hassle of selling our present house. 
Here have a look and tell me your mind doesn't dream a little too...

Not a bad place..it a village called Zejtun ad you should see the outdoor pool....


  1. I'm in love with it too... wow, the patio doors, the patio! A plus is that most of the architecture in Malta is old (very old!) and has so much charm. I wish I could be there peeking into homes for sale with you :^)

  2. Beautiful! I am drooling. Maybe I need to move!

  3. Yes you need a Palazzino!:)

  4. So much character. I wouldn't mind living there either.
    Cheers from Australia


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