04 April 2013

Just looking

well and dreaming... 
but realistically it is not so long now till we out grow our present house. So lately I find myself peeking in at for sale listings probably more often than I should. We still have the hassle of selling our present house. 
Here have a look and tell me your mind doesn't dream a little too...

Not a bad place..it a village called Zejtun ad you should see the outdoor pool....


  1. I'm in love with it too... wow, the patio doors, the patio! A plus is that most of the architecture in Malta is old (very old!) and has so much charm. I wish I could be there peeking into homes for sale with you :^)

  2. Beautiful! I am drooling. Maybe I need to move!

  3. Yes you need a Palazzino!:)

  4. So much character. I wouldn't mind living there either.
    Cheers from Australia

  5. awesome blog! i want to share my experience with you guys if you are looking for apartment or room for rental or wants to rent out out your place have you tried PlaceMatch Singapore . i found it to be useful in finding my place.hope that helps!!
    cheers Aqsa Rao


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