14 July 2008

Cardamom plum torta

Although we have quite the collection of Mediterranean focused cook books I think this guys site will be one I will be visiting quite often Figs Bay Wine- . We walked under a fully loaded plum tree on our way back from the park today and I pondered what to do with lots of plums and this seems worth trying. I do love cardamom. 

*Side note- our reason for needing to leave the park in a  rush was my four year old son scraped his toe (ohhh the drama!!) but this led to a lengthy discussion as regards blood... why do people bleed... what is blood and why do we have it... where does it come from, who makes it...why does it come out...  ohh the questions never end! I was grateful for the distraction of the squashed plums that we passed --  fruit trees...the start of a new discussion. Thus my mind on plums as we reached home. 


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  1. ohhh I remember stubbing my toe when I was a kid, it really really hurts. But in a flash of a plum, it's gone.


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