19 July 2008


I must start off with explaining the recent annoying new obsession of my husband's... it's not enough to read late into the night abstract papers on computer functions noooo the latest find is he has discovered a vast selection of  computer related podcasts.  German IT specialists going on for hours about the latest computer science trends (with subjects like relating technologies such as 00 and SOA - if interested here is the site with the podcastssoftware engineering radio ) . He has even taken to listening late at night and in bed to these radio shows! BUT today -Saturday he woke up early  made cafe miels (lattes with honey and cinnamon) for us both and a delicious fratata (Spanish omelet) today with tomatoes, spinach, red pepper, fresh basil and Parmesan as all three children slept and quizzed me in Maltese at the kitchen table.  Then a little later as the children sat watching morning cartoons led  me into the kitchen to dance to this song (as he was doing the dishes he was inspired to dance by this song) - Lo dudo from this album- Los Canciones de Almodovar (a good album if you like this sort of thing- dramatic Spanish singing). Although a bit of a computer geek it must be said he is a romantic guy and I do appreciate the weekend when he is around.  


  1. What the heck is LRTA?? I cannot remember that we've had an episode on that on Software Engineering Radio!

    Otherwise I take it as a compliment for SE Radio that your husband listens to it in the evening :-)

    (Editor of SE Radio)

  2. Sorry I mixed up an episode on LRTA from another Computer Science podcasts he subscribes to- Computing Science podcast. Have changed it now to a topic on SE.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. That is so sweet - Adrian making cafe con miel and dancing with you in the kitchen. I hope to have the chance to come see you guys some time soon. Lots of love my dear. - Corrie


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