16 September 2008


A day of pleasant surprises here.
This is one small something I came across and am very intrigued by- 
3191 - miles apart . This year it's evenings look here


  1. It's so great to see these pictures of YOUR days. I hope you are settling in. The kids, and you, look amazing.

  2. I love the idea around this book...being a lover of early mornings, feel I can relate. I've been craving a daily art project, simple, small and easy to do that would be fun to exchange... hmm, what could we do, maybe a collage of snipits of our lives...a piece of cool paper/corner of an old photo/fabric/ pressed flower/ whatever we come across in our daily lives that makes us stop and take notice... keep it small like one inch by one inch...we could put them each day on a large piece of paper, do it each morning/evening, whenever, roll it up and do a show and tell at Christmas, think it will bring up stories, memories, the little joys of each day that often are not shared...what do you think?


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