20 September 2008

Dinner out- what a novelty!

Off to Birgu (pictured here )
a 15 min walk from our door, I can't really complain. Italian opera is sending us on our way (that neighbour of ours is at it again- this time blasting old Italian records) at least its fairly romantic... almost makes me feel like I have walked into a movie set. No art projects accomplished this week- apart from making some cinnamon honey ice cream (which was tastey!) and an impromptu orange plum upside down tart today for guests, its been a rather quiet week here oh yes, found out I got accepted into a masters program which starts in gasp.. just over a weeks time! Right along side the Maltese lessons... busy days ahead. Buona notte from me and Andrea Bocelli.


  1. sounds like your settling in nicely, glad to hear that you've been hitting the night life a little too. You and A are due for a little relaxation.
    Congrats on the masters program, finally something for you, just you.
    ( and a hell of a lot of work too. )
    cao sissy.

  2. masters program! congrats. tell me more...


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