02 November 2008

oh heck - this school business has made me totally fall off the sewing/knitting/cooking bandwagon!! My days are now full of preparing lesson plans (one of my tasks is to develop a six week (30 lesson) course on Latin America- it's cultures, history, politics, economies and geographical aspects, etc.... which I am pretty excited about truth be told). Have been posted to a international school here (which follows a very broad theme when it comes to Social Studies (am teaching Judaism in another class). So creativity on the home-front has been reduced to nil. Maybe my next post will be a power point presentation on the Mayans... or would that bore you all....? 
Other big (round here) news is Stella is 1 and for her quccija (pronounced Uchia, which is a Maltese tradition when a child turns one- consisting of choosing an object that represents his/her future career- life path) she walked straight over to the calculator - then with the other hand grabbed a pen...... ahh hummm the math side of her genes have maybe won. Photo featured above.


  1. Hei, Happy Birthday Stella from all of us in Parma, a calculator and a pen good choice a girl can go a long way with those two things. Reminds me of a joke - mathematician talking to a philosopher. Mathematician says all I need to do my job is a pen, some paper and a wastepaper basket. Philosopher says hey, I don't even need the wastepaper basket! Ok, I'm going now... love to all R

  2. What a wonderful tradition and beautiful picture. Happy B-Day Stella!

  3. that is so cool. what an interesting tradition. Happy Birthday to Stella, that happy girl.

  4. Sarah here! Made me think of Tano and Mimi's birthday party - what did they pick, can you remember? How do you decide what to leave lying around? Must do it for Remy on 21st Dec! Happy happy 3rd birthday to lovely Carolina for tomorrow - how can she be 3 already?!! Hope she has a wonderful day. All ok here by the way, school going well for Rae and Remy has 8 teeth and the symptoms to go with them. Back to work for me after christmas so enjoying last few baby weeks. Much love to all Sarah xxxxxxxxx


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