30 November 2008

Home Sick

Such a delay and odd departure..just when things were beginning to feel 'normal'. Major house works forced us out of our home for three weeks and at JUST that same moment (to the day) my four year old son was taken into hospital..... it's been three weeks now and we are still not able to move back but Gaetano is able to walk again and has had his first day back at school Hallelujah!!!
The girls are sick now but with curable familiar illnesses; ear aches and chesty coughs (just part of the seasons gifts). Teaching practice has been all consuming as having a really unwell child has been. 33 came and went and look what a friend passed on-FROM ONE PIECE OF PAPER - such a delight to look through- do take five min and check it out. Hope to be back in our home soon (our car has broken down and we are stranded at my in-laws... sigh... Malta has been a bit of a bumpy road so far).
thanks to all the warm support these last few weeks from dear ones far away.


  1. So glad to hear Tano's better! Ellen said to email her any questions (feel free to do so via me) but she has no experience with the illness. She certainly could ask her colleages though. Sorry you're still not back in your house. Maybe we can skype next weekend? It sure has been a tough start in Malta!

  2. Yikes! I'm so sorry!! Glad to hear the little guy is feeling better. What did the poor thing have. Cold weather illnesses are bad enough. Sounds like quite the adjustment process.

  3. sorry to hear about everything. hang in there. my mantra these days: this too shall pass, this too shall pass. love the artwork - thanks for sharing.

  4. My sweet Juniper,

    I do miss you. Hang in there! Wish we could drink coffe! See my pics at: http://guusjes-appeltaart.blogspot.com/

    You can't read it, but sure understand it.....

    Lots of love!!!!!

    X Guusje


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