10 January 2009

Should Really Be Studying

But ever since we watched the first episode of Madmen Adrian and I have been hooked! The costumes, sets, script and even music do not disappoint. Only down side is it makes you want to pick up smoking.
It certainly is a nice 'escape ' of sorts from the ongoing drill of preparing presentations and papers. What was I thinking- going back to school. The stress! 

BTW Just love the head secretary -  what a lady! 


  1. I'm so with you! We just started this too and I'm obsessed! What is the truth behind Don Draper?!

  2. Hey, I just got the series via a friend as an antedote to Berlusconi land, TV Italia, can't wait to start in on it! The whole 'we love to smoke' theme might be a bit of a challenge though! Talk soon my dear... best of luck with all those presentations. x.


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