06 January 2009

What more...

could I want...... a night out on the town (Chicago) with my sisters who I so rarely get to see these days... champagne, sushi, saki and edamame to boot! 
A winter wonderland awaited us in Wisconsin- truly lovely. The children had a blast sledding, making snow men, sipping hot chocolate by the fire and hanging out with their cousins. 
Back now to the whirlwind of Malta. Feeling mighty refreshed though. 

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  1. Hi sweetheart,

    How's things? Looks great, the snow and all. We are ice skating in Holland, love it. Especially my parents, who grew up on skates are fanatics. Really funny, most people on skates are the elderly.
    How's Malta and your course, feeling a bit more at home these days?

    Love Guusje, who would love to get a night in town with you as well!


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