15 September 2009

Can I visit?

Although we have bought our old house and are still slowly setting things up here in Malta, I seem to have caught the house design bug and stumbled upon this site the other day DWELL. Without meaning to, a broom and the mop to my side (dinner dishes and the kitchen floor to attend to as A. had bed time honours with the children). I got a bit side tracked and before I knew it a good half hour had passed. Maybe I am missing Grand Designs (admittedly one of the shows I miss from the UK). Here are some pictures of houses I wouldn't mind visiting. The last one is from a section called scrap houses, all made from scraps of material- love it.


  1. Grand Designs shows on Discovery travel and Living...usually Saturday afternoons. I think it is rerun season right now but maybe in October there will be new episodes. If you have TV u might get you fix!

  2. Really?! Thank you for the tip! I think we have Living, will have to look for it! Aside from kid shows we forget to turn the t.v. on (we get our nightly fix from the Mad Men dvd) such a fantastic series!!!

  3. Hi, I was going to say the same as Annie. We do have grand designs here on travel and living and I love watching it!! You can either get this on satellite or on cable depends what you have at home.


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