18 September 2009

Changing seasons - Rummien

They say here with the September rains, it's the sound of the thunder that cracks the pomegranates open and then you know it's time, they are ready. While passing under it's tree on our walk today, we spotted our first cracked open one.


  1. That is so cool (and delicious)!

  2. The sound of thunder - what a beautiful story! And I LO-O-OVE your new banner - it's just a stunning photo!!

  3. I love this fruit. How funny I had this in mind for my next post!!

  4. Thank you, and hopefully soon there will be some pomegranate recipes.

  5. Funny- it really is the season! I had never seen them growing in the wild till I came to Malta, so for me it's exotic. Have always been a big fan of this fruit!


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