12 October 2009

Musings of Aunt Epp

Of late I have taken to washing up the kitchen before bed and listening to one radio podcast or another and one of my favourites is Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4),  today I heard a bit about a book called Aunt Epp’s Guide for Life – From chastity to copper kettles, musings of a Victorian Lady by Elspeth Marr . Am most intrigued by it,  would be rather pleased I think this winter to curl up a bit with some witty words from a different era. You never know when a book may change your life right?  (must once again plug This American Life (NPR), a few weeks ago they had a whole show on this topic, how a book can change you.  


  1. I remember reading Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom and being blown away by it. I read it at a time when I was going through some soul searching regarding what I wanted to do with my life and it reminded me what was important in life. It was after reading that book that I chose to move into the charity sector and I've not looked back since!! (Not liked any of his other books...a bit too preachy but that one was amazing!!)

    C x

  2. I feel terrible for having carried around Tuesdays with Morrie for over ten years now and still have not read it. It is from all I have heard a very insightful book on life and what is important. I do believe that a good book much like the interaction with an incredible person can change you, your perspective, even your future plans. Love hearing stories like yours, first hand accounts of how a book has affected you. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Very nice post.
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  4. My mum used to spend the summers reading the memoirs of pioneer women. I remember her delving deep into those lives, baking bread and making soups from their recipes. We had creamy soups made from wild nettles, and new cattails sauteed in sweet butter. Those were lovely times.

  5. I remember being a fifteen year old girl, very poor and at a flee market buying a copy of Romeo and Juliet for .25 cents. I liked the tattered red cover with pictures of Reinassance ladies. I opened the book and read as best as I could not understanding much of it. I took it to my teacher and asked her to help me understand. That year, a whole world opened up for me.

  6. Thank you KS! Am putting together a list now!

  7. Wanderers Daughter-
    What wonderful memories! Love the image of your mom reading the books to you and then making recipes from them! Wild nettle soup!!?? WOuld love to try it! Have memories of my mother reading Little House on the Prarie to us while up at our cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin, and it having such an impact (specially because it was usually by kerosine lamp light). Can't wait to start reading those books to my children.

  8. Yoli, what a fantastic tale! From a tattered book cover to discovering the world of Shakespeare - and for only 25 cents! I love the way that a book can be a door, to a whole new world and way of thinking as well. Do listen to this American life, the third act is really good. A construction worker shares the story of how a book totally changed his life.

  9. I remember reading a book about Lady Hamilton, Lord Nelson's mistress. I found it in my Grandmother's collection after she passed away. I was thrilled by the story even thought it wasn't great litterature - but I loved the story and the fact that my grandmother had read it before me.


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