10 October 2009

Give me 15 minutes

Calamari on the fly
One thing I have learned since moving here to Malta is how easy it is to create a whole fresh tasting meal using fish you froze some weeks or months ago! We needed to make space in our freezer and remembered the squid, a few hours after taking it out and my husband had whipped up some delicious and very fresh tasting calamari! He just cut it, fried it in garlic and oil for around ten minutes till it changed colour and the juices come out and thickened, set it aside and added some fresh chopped parsley, squeeze of lemon juice,  salt and pepper.  You can toss it with some fresh pasta or over a salad, such an easy and tasty meal. Growing up in the midwest, I thought Calamari was suppose to be like rubber but ahh no, it is tender and so delicious when cooked properly!
(Kid comments while watching their papa cut the squid included- "....but really where is it's nose?  how does it eat? Is that plastic inside?  "

It's not yet fall weather here, mdina strolls for ice cream, rooftop barbecues and trips to the sea side are all still happening (but probably not for much longer).


  1. Looks tasty!

    When I took Kiefer and Roemer to the market for some fried cod pieces, K told R: 'Ruffey, these fish are the most strange fish around, they don't have a tail or mouth. Weird hey?'

    So funny, to hear these little brother to brother conversations.

  2. Oh I love overhearing conversations between the children, it can be so random sometimes! Or just funny to hear them try to be the expert on a topic.

  3. LOL at 'Where is it's nose?'

    I adore calamari but Chris hates it so I've never tried cooking it!!

    C x

  4. Oh what a shame! Perhaps next time you have a girls night, give it a try, it's so easy and is just as good cold as hot. Perfect to add to a spread of nibbles.

  5. my son Dakota LOVES calamari but is a little allergic to it aw :(

  6. mmm I love calamari and octopus in garlic , capers and olives. Makes me want to cook it soon. I can't wait for colder days so that I can wear my winter clothes (not that I fit in any - baby kilos are still there :( . I am a bit fed up of the summer ones now ;)


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