27 October 2009


I was inspired by Melissa over at  Tigerlily Tinkering some weeks ago, loved the idea of taking note of local fonts found in signs in her area. So in her honour I have taken a few photos of my own. There certainly are some local sign treasures to be found in the small streets of Malta! This time the fonts are the focus, to follow will be some of the actual names (hairdressers salons here are particularly funny I find). 

oh and guess what desctructo is two today!!! Cake to bake and child to indulge!  


  1. Awww, happy birthday to little desctructo.

    C x

  2. Your photos are so beautiful. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and said hello. I hope you come by again :)

  3. your blog is soooo beautiful!! I saw your post on camilla's font post and had to come see. I am happy I did!!!

  4. Love the fonts! Especially 'cycle store'.

  5. Happy birthday to your little girl! It's my dad's birthday too but he is 58 today :)

  6. carol, thanks she seemed to really enjoy it!

    Jemm, thank you, am enjoying getting to know our little camera a little more.

    Marchi, thank you!!

    Little c and J - glad you liked them, I think I have enough photos of signs form here to fill up a very large collage, there are so many cool and quirky ones here!

    Dina- thank you from little D, hope your Dad enjoyed his birthday too!


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