25 October 2009

Time for a coffee....

....this cafe is a new favourite, a perfect spot for a good latte and croissant while in Valletta, especially when I am in the company of sweet little destructo who (it must be said) loves nothing better than chasing after the pigeons and saying hello to every moving thing within sight. This newly refurbished old cafe which is just next to the library is perfect, an inside outside place with ample room to run and very friendly patient staff. Did I mention they also have both almond and apricot croissants, something not so easy to find here in Malta.  

May your week be starting smoothly with warm milk and strong coffee at your side.


  1. mm I love a good coffee... usually my friend and I go to mcCafe at the airport, where they have a pretty good capuccino and latte!! however when in Valletta I also like to have coffee at Marks and Spencer but next time there I will try caffe premier. Oh my son loves running after pigeons too...(infact one of my recent posts is a photo of him chasing them away)...
    Love the photos you took.... old Maltese buildings are beautiful.

  2. Oh, a great place by the looks of it ! Reminds me a bit of the Cathedral. Have a good monday. xg

  3. It's a nice peaceful open kind of place, a little like the cathedral cafe, only there seem to be lawyer types busily walking through quite often, and the hub bub of Valletta whirring past.
    Off to face the bombshell that oatmeal seems to leave in it's wake on our kitchen. Particularly under and all around destructo's highchair!

  4. That place is just stunning!! I can see why it's your favourite place to sit and watch the world go past!!

    Your blog makes me want to visit Malta!!

    C x

  5. How elegant... I'd love to sit and daydream.


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