07 December 2009

shhh wild animals a foot

Christmas sewing happening in these parts. Letting the house ...ahem slip a bit.


  1. Hey, I love the elephant!! well done for your post graduate course. I love this time of year and all that comes along with it. This year something extra for our family as we are getting ready for our little baby girl's christening that will happen this Sunday. I have been baking cakes and decorating them aswell. So far I baked 3 but only decorated one for my niece that will be baptised with our girl too. Come over and see it if you like :)

  2. I love making stuffed animal. They are the cutest! Nothing yet from Malta's post office, I'm sure it will arrive soon. Big kisses, my dearest!

  3. You did them?
    wild things! love them!

  4. Yes, thanks, it was fun to try and come up with a pattern(gotta love baking paper). Am hooked, want to do more am thinking a lion or a penguin next.

  5. Hi, glad you came over to my blog to see the cakes and leave a comment. I suggest lion. take care and have a nice week. Today I have to venture down to Sliema once again in order to find an outfit for myself to wear this Sunday for the baptism !!


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