04 December 2009

Guess what came in the post??!!

This was part of the autumn home made swap- Guusje you are a star!!! I so completely love the hat and scarf you made me and yes, I will be using it!!!Thank you Thank you!! It's beautiful, soft cozy and I love the colours you chose!!!


  1. How lovely- and it looks scrumptiously soft!

  2. WOw!! Gorgeous!! It's perfect for you!

  3. I'm glad!
    By the way, before I forget, do not put them in the washing machine, unless it's a special program, it's merino wool and it will felt straight away. Lots of love! x g

  4. How Lovely! Mooi gemaakt, Guusje!

  5. I want one!!:)... Would have done me good in Moscow and Malmo... I need to get cracking on with knitting lessons!

  6. you lucky gal!
    its veeeery pretty, guusje is a star with needles ;D!!!!

  7. Beautiful, Juniper (and Guusje)

    I've put it also on our Happy Talk Blog!

    Have a great weekend, Daan

  8. looks great and warm, just right in time for the cold to come...


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