17 January 2010

Lets dance

Yes, after almost a year of meaning to start, we have finally begun tango lessons. I have to admit for being the one dragging my feet (prone to giggles in situations of stress) I actually really really enjoyed it.

(kinda fun retro heels don't you think)
As was quickly evident in our first lesson though, my big doc martin boots just didn't cut it on the dance floor, ho hum shall have to find some tango shoes...some heeled items of which I so often make fun of.   Confession: after being in layers of sweatshirts and loose running bottoms for the last week and half it was nice to feel... feminine again, the movements of this dance are so graceful and playful. 
Even with the boots I felt all swishy, can't imagine what it will feel like to wear heels!?

(There may be a broken ankle post in a weeks time).

ah yes- the flu/cold is nearly done with thankfully, just a tickly ever present cough
(cuts down on the swishy graceful feeling admittedly)


  1. Wahoo! Congrats. I absolutely adore Tango. I've always loved the music and the drama. I saw real Tango for the first time in Buenos Aires with my mum several years ago on a fishing trip, and not long after that saw the tango classes on the boardwalk by the ships at the South Street Seaport in NY (soooooooo romantic). I myself would definitely choose to dance in Docs rather than in dance shoes (but, I'm a serious klutz!) I almost never admit that, during a very brief time during my journalist days, I did a short stint as an exotic dancer, and had to dance in 4" heels every night. I was bruised from ankle to knee, but I have to admit that in a surreptitious way I really enjoyed it ;)

  2. Cool, that really looks like fun and the shoes look great!

  3. I remember a scene from a film I saw last year where in a tango class the teacher taught the class to shout out with each heel stomp "My space!!" (Love the shoes)

  4. I love those shoes and Tango. I just dream about it, and love to watch it.


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