23 January 2010

Fly away

Tonight I took the children on a bird's back across the moonlit countryside.
Thank you Susan Marie Swanson for your book The House in The Night, and the beautiful illustrations by Beth Krommes,
Did you spot the child ?

So glad that the magical adventures to be had between the pages of a good book is something I get to share with these little people in my life.


  1. I love this book too, just returned it from to the library. I would have never found it on the shelves if it wasn't for the librarians picks for the month. One I'm going to buy for sure. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. The illustrations are indeed very beautiful :-)

  3. Totally my cup of tea! I have to order this inspirational book!

    Thanks for the good tip!

    Big sunday kiss,


  4. oh! lovely! and I really like such nice stories! yes I did spot the child on the bird. magical! thanks for this post. have a nice week!

  5. This was a birthday gift to my middle child, sometimes grandmas are really on the ball! Pardon, that may be a kind of odd American expression.

  6. Dear Juniper,

    the pinafore is very easy to make, I found the pattern here: http://www.avalanu.com/MAMU_DESIGN/WEBSEITE/DECKBLATT/CHRISTINA.jpg

    But if you want I could copy you the desired size and send it to you.

    Just let me know.


  7. Thank you No!! Will give it a try, and just in time before warm spring days begin.

  8. Gorgeous illustrations!! I love the little hints of yellow with the black and white

    C x

  9. remember those scratch sheets? all waxy and black? This looks like it was done that way, doesn't it? Reading at night was always one of my favorite things with the girls. I have been having John read to me at night recently..very sweet.


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