08 January 2010

Little friends

Happy Friday
Call it karma, call it fate, call it having been coughed on many many times by the children over the last few weeks (the best is when you are zipping up a coat and get it full blast in the face). Am down with the flu, destructo at my side (who has just informed me she has washed her hands in the toilet )if I understood her mumbling rambling correctly.. lucky for me she woke up with a double dose of energy this morning.
Can't wait for nap time.

Busy adding rocks to the artichokes... (not exactly in the mood to cook them today).
Spotted by the Mr.
for those that may need a little something to make them smile today, or this.


  1. sorry about the cold... love the destructo! kenza

  2. wish you a speedy recovery. I love destructo's doings!!

  3. oh, no fun to be sick. so sorry. did you make the little people? i love them. they are mim's friends?

  4. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. wishing you a speedy recovery... artichokes soaked, then stuffed with garlic and loads of parsley cooked with a little bit of olive oil, new potatoes thrown in with them, then mashed with the artichoke hearts and spread on bread and kunserva... heaven!:)

  6. can I come over for dinner with you & annie???

  7. Get better soon! Mums just should not get sick, should they? Oh, I hope you found someone to take care of the little ones and you can recover quickly!

  8. Oh so sorry to hear you're down with the flu. But at least you've got little destructo to keep you company and she can really entertain!!! Nice friends you've got there sitting on the sofa.

  9. Thank you for the kind words, happy to be able lay low this weekend- still fighting the battle, the cough and fevers are exhausting.


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