03 January 2010

Past the artichoke fields

Our Sunday stroll today was through a valley known as Pwales, and the meandering little path started out by winding around a field of blooming artichokes,  'qaqocc' in Maltese. Guess the season is upon us here, have never before seen them growing in a field. Will have to start searching for good recipes.

The path wove past fennel as tall as I am, a small bamboo forest, twisted carob trees and a few old abandoned houses (tempted to move in, how could you resist with a front door looking out on a green valley and a path to groves of cedar forests five min walk away).


  1. i have never ever seen an artichoke plant before. i thought the blooms grew directly from the ground...until now.
    well, i've learned something new today!

  2. I just love artichokes stuffed with a mixture of breadcrumbs,anchovies, olives, parsley, dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.

  3. Oh that sounds great, my mother in law makes one very similar but without the anchovies and tomatoes... think i will try yours. Thanks!

  4. Happy New Year to you and your beloved ones!

    Jamie Oliver hat a delicious recipe, I think it is "The naked Chef", I will look it up, if oyu want, it is really good (with Pasta).

  5. Lovely walk. We are surrounded by fields of artichokes right now, too. Not so sure about carob trees. Must try to figure out what those look like...perhaps I have been passing by them without know what they are. You should submit some of your nature walk pics to Imagine Childhood. Their blog has a great series of nature walks from around the world.


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