24 February 2010

                                  Marlene Dietrich  
Oh the glamour and grace!

Wish I was feeling more like this today! 


  1. you always look like that minus the glamour!;)

  2. You are a little sunshine, Jupe!
    Don't worry, tomorrow or maybe the day after you feel like a American Diva in Zabbar again!
    They must be short of blonds over there!
    Big Kiss, my friend.
    (by the way, you are much prettier than the famous chick!)

  3. You have all the beauty minus the weird eyebrows - definitely a plus in my book. Any news on your flight plans? If I can help out with trains and stuff let me know xxx

  4. PS. I talked to Kees and how about me and Pops came over to visit in spring?
    May or June......

  5. Yes, oh come on over! June is best!

  6. Yes you are much prettier than that!

  7. But, look on the bright side: she's dead.


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